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Who is this product best suited for?

Are you....

* Easy to work with & can be negotiable on fees

* Is ready and able to build relationships with meeting planners over time

* Has your topics, summary and 3-5 takeaways ready to go or just needs a little tweaking?   

* Understands this process takes time and needs to consistently apply for opportunities and understands that having a STRONG follow up process is key.  

Then great!  Keep reading!

Who doesn't need to participate?

Are you a Speaker who.....

* Doesn't respond or show up for calls and refuses to take less than your fee
* Wants Keynotes only at $10K++ a pop
* Wants to dump the process on someone else and not participate in your own success
* Wants this to happen yesterday.

This wouldn't be the right fit for you, but we do wish you success. 

Most commonly asked questions.....

I am not ready now, I'd like to start later is that okay?  Of course!  However, we tell everyone that if you are hoping to get opportunities when you join it typically takes six months of you being in the program applying weekly to start getting results.  So for example, if you want to start getting gigs in December, you need to start the program in June or July and work it.  

I want to get my course/topics set up before I apply that way I'm ready to go, do you recommend this process?  In short, no.  We incorporate feedback from our professional staff and meeting planners that hire speakers, 90% of the time, we offer suggestions and changes, so its better to start with what you have and cut down on the amount of changes you will make to your content and you can get a jumpstart on applying an auditioning as well.  Meetings are a consistently changing industry, you will always be making changes and improvements, there is no such thing as the perfect or flawless presentation.  If you wait for perfection, you will never get started on your journey and so many people who need to hear your message will miss out due to your absence.  

I've been doing this a long time, I don't need or want feedback.  Unfortunately, this won't be the program for you. Feedback is a part of the speaking industry, you get from the audiences, meeting planners even outside of our program.  If your ego is too fragile to handle constructive criticism, we don't suggest speaking as a career or sideline.  We do wish you the best of luck in your endeavors either way.  

Is attendance required?  This is self paced, the more you use it and attend the weekly calls, the better your chances of getting booked. Your set up call and minute with the meeting planner must be done prior to you receiving any opportunities.  We need to ensure you are prepared, other than that, no requirements.  

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